Log 2023-9-18

Monday 2023-9-18

G3-peak at 13.30 UTC, G1-peaks at 15.30-17 UTC, disturbed ionosphere, Bz erratic: -16 .. +15 nT, noise: floor SW=S0, floor MW=S1, constant static crashes from Czechia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy +S1-2

1665      16.24     unid, S2-6, polka and waltz songs

1629      17.26     Bluebird, S6-8, other carriers 1630 and 1631, Greek on freq, instr. polka, Dutch songs, e.g. 17.35 song: "Kleine Annabella", "Haili hailo"-polka, 17.42: greez to Dolfin, "Sanja"-tango, at 20.00: S7-S9+10

G1-G2-peaks at 17-19 UTC, Bz: -13 .. +10 nT, disturbed ionosphere > visible aurora borealis at the remote QTH, the first ones for me after several decades, noise: floor MW=S1, ionospheric noise +S1-2, statics +S1-2, signals in deep fading

1647      19.03     Oldtimer, S5-9, Dutch songs, 19.14 song: "Da sprach der alte Häuptling der Indianer", Dutch songs, 19.47: greez

1665      19.10     Technische Man, S5-9, Dutch song, 19.13 song: "Gute Nacht Freunde", CCR - The old Man down the Road, Dutch song, 19.28: Modern Talking - You're my Heart You're my Soul, 19.37: Alphaville - Big in Japan, 19.52: "Luisteraars, je luistert naar de Technische Man Radio", Elvis  - Good Luck Charm

1615      19.18     unid, S2-6, David Garrick - Dear Mrs. Applebee, Dutch song, German song "Sacramento", 18.29: Nazareth - Love Hurts

1620      19.21     unid, S2-6, Greek on freq, Dutch song, 19.24: John Fogerty - Rock and Roll Girls, offshore tune, instr. techno, Dutch songs, e.g. 19.45 song: "Kleine Annabella"


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