Log 2023-11-15

Wednesday 2023-11-15

Unsettled ionosphere, Bz erratic: -5 .. +5 nT, noise: floor SW=S0, floor MW=S1, occ. static crashes from Hungary +S1

1638      14.52     Interpool, S5-7, id, Matchbox - Buzz buzz a diddle It, 14.54 id, Dutch version of "I'm gonna knock on your Door", cd 14.56-15.02, QSO, Tarzan, Luka, id 15.05, song: "I'm gonna knock on your Door", cd 15.05

1658      14.57     Tarzan, S4-6, QSO Interpool, thanking Luka for report, rock, cd 15.00

1658      15.01     Luka, S4-6, QSO Tarzan, Interpool, off-shore tune, thanking Spakenburg for report, id 15.02, cd

6300      15.05     Deltracks, S4-6, Thin Lizzy - Whiskey in the Jar, song: "Whose Side are You", 15.13: "Nonstop classics - Retro Hits", at 17.00 id- jingle, Sinead O'Connor - Troy, Elvis - Don't be Cruel, S5-8

6285      15.11     Mexico, S6-8, Black Sabbath - Paranoid, German and Dutch songs, 15.21: English and German id-jingles, Jimmy Darren - Angel Face, 15.28: Münchener Freiheit - Liebe auf den ersten Blick

6270      15.14     unid, S2-4, Dutch songs, ass. lpam Ronalisa

5835,1   15.38    pres. Evropa (UKR), S5-7, reggae tracks

6940      16.31     unid, S4-6, occ. ute 6940-55, and 6937-40, Dutch song "Hillybilly Country Lilly", Dutch song, 16.35: cd or vanished

6275      16.39     unid, S3-6, German waltz, Dutch songs, 16.58: German polka, ass. mpam Ronalisa

G1-G3-G1-peaks at 17.30-18.30 UTC, Bz: -6 .. +2 nT, noise: floor MW=S1, distorted signals

1620      18.01     King Kong + unid, unassessable, two Dutch on freq, both playing Dutch songs, polkas, 18.46: id, greez to Houston, "Bona bona notte bambino Mio"-song, S7-S9+5

1629      18.07     Mike, S6-9, other carriers 1627 and 1630, Rolling Stones - Satisfaction, 18.09: "Mike Radio we are broadcasting live", email, A Flock of Seagulls - The more You live the more You Love, Coldplay - A Sky full of Stars, 18.18: "Mike Mike Mike Radio", polka song, "The greatest golden oldies - only on Mike Radio, the Netherlands ", Abba - Dancing Queen, "Free and independent - that's Mike Radio", version of "Words don't come Easy", 18.38: greez to me , thanks !

1665      18.15     unid, S5-8, Four Tops - Reach out I'll be There, R&R, cd

1630      18.55     Sapporo, S4-7, other carrier on freq, rock, id 17.56, QSO Mike

G1-G4-G1-peaks at 19.30-21 UTC, Bz: -6 .. 0 nT, noise: floor MW=S1, signals in fast fading

1658      19.50     Eigen Risico, S5-8, other carrier 1660, instr. polka, id 19.53, greez to Noordster, instr. polka

1629      19.55     Mondeo, S7-S9+5, German version of "California Dreaming", greez to David: "Greetings from Radio Mondeo"

1645      20.03     Turfsteker, S4-7, instr. polka, 20.04: "Radio Turfsteker uit Twente", greez to David: "Long time ago", instr. polka, greez to Ben and Tamara, 20.05: greez to Frank, Cyndi Lauper - Time after Time

1655      21.01     Corona, S3-7, Buck Owens - Excuse Me (I think I've got a Heartache), more country songs, 21.04: Buck Owens - Under the Influence of Love, more Buck Owens' songs, 21.10: Dutch country song, "Mooie Griekenland"-song, Peter Maffay - Du, 21.21: "Alle mensen van de wereld .."-polka, "De zomernacht op Nicola .."-song, "Meisje vor altijd"-song, 30^, 21.31: "Der alte Grahn"-waltz, "Rode rozen"-waltz, instr. polka, 21.42: "Radio Corona"-jingle, is there such a station ... checking ..., according to Malmö Kortvågsklubb's Piratespecial-list Radio Corona does exist

1643      21.55     Monte Carlo, S6-9, Fischer Z - So Long, German polka song, 22.00-: Dutch songs, 22.08: Peter Kent - It's real good Feeling, instr. polka, id 22.12, greez


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