Log 2023-11-23

Thursday 2023-11-23

Fairly calm ionosphere, Bz: -1 .. 0 nT, noise: floor SW=S0, floor MW=S1, occ. static crashes from central Mediterranean +S1

6939      15.05     Dolfijn, S6-8, surrounded by occ. utes, Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody, 15.11: Europe - The final Countdown, Stranglers - Golden Brown, Jimi Hendrix Experience - All along the Watchtower, ELO - Roll over Beethoven, big band techno polka, 15.30: same instr. polka twice, 15.35: thanking for reports, "Dolfijn uit de mooie Veluwe, bye, bye", cd 15.35

6290      16.40     Deltracks / Los Santos Angeles Rock Radio, S6-8, occ. ute 6292-95, Classic Rock jingle, Julian Lennon - Too late for Goodbyes, 16.43: Classic Rock Radio jingle, 16.49: "I love you, but I think we need to take a break - XX Rock Radio", Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street, 16.55: "Don't go anyhere at all" + jingle, Steve Miller Band - Rock'n Me, 16.58: Steve Winwood - Higher Love, 17.03: "Time for a commercial for all you guys", "This is Los Santos Angeles Rock Radio", Queen - Radio Gaga, real id from UKDXer's blog: https://shortwavedx.blogspot.com/

1656      17.09     Digital, S7-9, song: "It's gonna be better Tomorrow better", greez to stations, id 17.11, concert version of Opus - Life is Life, 17.16: Romantics - What I like about You

Calm ionosphere, Bz: -2 .. +1 nT, floor MW=S1, signals weakening for some reason

1638      18.02     DB, S6-9, song: "Every time You walk in the Room", id, Dutch version of "Mendocino"

1629      18.06     unid, S3-6, other carrier on freq, Dutch and German songs, country mx

1620      18.07     Black Power, S6-9, other carrier 1618, Dutch song, 18.08-10 carrier only, instr. polka, 18.12: Ozzy Osbourne - Mama I'm coming Home, 18.17: id, testing the antenna, Eddie Rabbit - Drivin' my Life Away, cd 18.19

1645      18.10     unid, S5-8, other carrier 16.46, accordion polkas and waltzes, Dutch songs, cd 18.25

1620      18.23     unid, S5-8, other carrier 1618 occ. covering, Monkees - I'm a Believer, Moody Blues - Nights in white Satin, Dutch song, 18.32: humor strip, (18.35: other Dutch to freq playing parts of rock tracks, cd 18.37), long humor strip continuing, (18.50: other Dutch to freq again, Dutch songs)

1645      18.38     unid, S3-6, 1646 other station occ. covering, Dutch songs, 18.43: "Noordster FM"-pirate polka

1656      18.41     unid, S3-6, Serbian 1655 covering, Dutch song

Very calm ionosphere, MDI=0.01-0.02 nT/s, Bz steady: +1 ..+2 nT, noise: floor MW=S1, 180 meters dominated by Greeks and Russians, occ. static crashes from Lithuania +S1

1640      20.09     Marskramer, S6-9, Dutch song, 20.11: id, greez to Alf and "other listeners outside of the Netherlands, you're listening to the Marskramer Radio, good evening", 20.23: Pussycat - Hey Joe

1620      20.13     Houthakker, S5-8, other carrier 1618 covering, French song, 20.17: "Dit is uit de Friesland Radio Houthakker", cd

1620      20.41     unid, s/on, S8-S9+5, other carrier 1618, "Warum warum warum"-song, carrier only, cd 20.45, still antenna test ? , on again 20.55, waltz song, polka song, 20.59: Dutch version of "Weine nicht kleine Eva"-song, polka song, polkas, waltzes, Dutch songs, ass. Bluebird

1665     21.00     Kristal, S7-9, Russians 1664-66 occ. covering, instr.+yodel polka, 21.03: Johnny Cash - A Thing called Love, Cockney Rebel - Make Me Smile, instr. polka , 21.15: John Denver - Take me Home Country Roads, 21.16 id, John Fogerty - Big Train, instr. polka, Rod Stewart - Sailing, Love Affair - Everlasting Love, Earth and Fire - Maybe Tomorrow maybe Tonight, 21.34: Chris Andrews - Pretty Belinda


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