Log 2024-3-13

Wednesday 2024-3-13

Unsettled ionosphere, Bz very erratic since 7 UTC, currently: -5 .. -2 nT, noise: floor SW=S0, floor MW=S1, static crashes from Türkiye +S1

6280      15.56     unid, S5-8, jamming of So Hope on freq, John Fogerty - Put me in Coach, Dutch song, 16.02: Dutch version of "Rhinestone Cowboy", Dutch song, 16.09: AC / DC - Thunderstruck, Johnny Horton - North to Alaska, Dutch songs, 16.21: Kraftwerk - Radioaktivität, 16.26 cd, no id

1638      16.35     Mi Amigo, S5-8, Texas Tornados - Bailando, 16.38: "Je sind verbonden met de Radio de Mi Amigo", greez, Dutch songs, 16.48: greez to Noordzee, Toulouse, Torpedojager, Zorro, Luka, grüße an die deutschen Zuhörer, "Dies ist Radio Mi Amigo aus Holland", "Mariote"-song, cd 17.16

6940      16.54     unid, S3-6, occ. ute 6936-41, rock, 16.57: Kool & the Gang - Cherish, disco, rock

1670      17.08     Digital, S6-8, parts of Cliff Richard & Ths Shadows - The young Ones and instr. "Roll out the Barrel", parts of tracks, 17.13: CCR - Lookin' out my Back Door, Cliff Richard - Power to all our Friends, id 17.20, greez to Eigen Risico, Arona, Ricky Nelson - Hello Mary Lou

G1-G2-G1- peaks at 16.30-17.30 UTC, Bz very erratic:  -6 .. +4 nT, noise: floor SW=S0, SW signals in fast fading, floor MW=S1, distorted 180 meter signals

6295      18.22     Akenzo, S5-8, Fools Garden - Lemon Tree, Billy Joel - The River of Dreams, U.S.U.R.A. - Open your Mind, Heather  Myles - Mr. Lonesome, Los Del Rio - Macarena, 18.35: "Hello, test,1,2, hello", 18.36: "Akenzo with a little test on the 48 meter band", greez to Panda and others

1638      18.56     Luka, S5-7, 1636 wobbling Russian splashing, Bruce Springsteen - Better Days, greez to Maurits, "Dit is Radio Luka", 19.00: Beatles - Money can't buy me Love

1632      19.33     Eigen Risico, S4-7, 1638 splashing, instr. waltz, instr. polka, 19.36 "Dit is de Amateur Zender Eigen Risico", greez to David, instr. waltz

1620      19.34     unid, S3-6, other carrier 1622, Dutch song, instr. polka, Dutch country songs

1629      19.41     Blauwe Fazant, S4-7, instr. polkas, 19.45: rock tracks, 19.54 id, greez

5795      19.57     unid / Golden Oldies, S6-9, "Thanks for listening to the count down, after this we'll be right back", rock, 20.00: "Dit is Golden Oldies nieuws", jingles, 22.03: Roger Daltrey - Hearts of Fire, "This is Back To The 80's", Duran Duran - Rio, 20.09-10: carrier only, Rio continuing, comics, 20.15: Daryl Hall & John Oates - Some Things are better left Unsaid

1665       20.21     unid, S6-9, "Sugar in the Morning Sugar in the Evening"- song, Neil Sedaka - Calendar Girl, Four Lads - Standing on the Corner, Louis Armstrong - Mack The Knife, 20.35: Guy Mitchell - Heartaches by the Number, "In a golden Coach"-song, 20.43: Chordettes - Mr Sandman, Doris Day - Que Sera Sera, The Blob Theme Song, 30^

1620      20.54     unid +unid, both S4-7 interchanging, "Kleine paloma"-song, Dutch song, 20.59: talking, (the other playing "Ai ai ai ai"-song, polka song), 21.03: the other giving id, 21.33: "Dit was een kleine test uitzendung", still two Dutch on freq interchanging

1636      21.22     Meteoor, S6-9, QSO Ijsvogel, "Kus mij noch eenmaal"-song, cd 21.25

1640      21.26     Ijsvogel, S5-7, QSO Meteoor, cd 21.29

1636      21.30     unid, S5-7, QSO Ijsvogel, Meteoor, "Dit was Radio XX", Fischer Z - So Long, cd 21.32

1629      21.36     Blauwe Fazant, S6-8, instr. polka, instr. waltz, instr. polka, id 21,40


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