Log 2024-6-23

Sunday 2024-6-23

Fairly calm ionosphere, Bz: -5 .. +1 nT, noise: floor SW=S0, constant static crashes from Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia + S1-2

6195      18.50     RealMix, S7-9, Delta Mike On Air, 19.01: live hosting, checking the Es-conditions on FM above 105 MHz full of Balkan stations

6300      19.07     Abu Dhabi, S6-8, country tracks, 19.12: greez to Mustang, "Hier is Abu Dhabi met een paar platjes", carrier only, cd

6190      19.17     Weekend Music, S5-7, id, talking about pirate stations

6380      19.20     unid / Veronica, S3-5, mx tracks and English hosting in the statics, 21.04: Buoys - Give Up Your Guns, Dutch hosting, R. Veronica id, 21.07: Donny Osmond - Puppy Love, S4-6

5800      19.23     ContiKenzo, S6-8, greez to Goran, 19.24: "Listeners, you're listening to Zender ContiKenzo, the low power pirate"

6320      19.44      Abu Dhabi, S6-8, 19.47: This is Abu Dhabi Radio"

5980L    19.55     Piko R., S6-8, hosting, id, jazz, 19.59: American Forces Network and VOA Jazz Hour ids, id-jingles, Glenn Miller Orchestra - Pennsylvania 6-5000

5880      21.12      Rock Revolution, S5-7, rock tracks, 21.16: "Radio Rock Revolution - the Number One for great music"


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