Remote QTH

My WAN-operable remote listening post located 100 kilometers to the north of Helsinki, Finland.

- there are pictures after the text > click on the pictures to enlarge

I do all my dxing from or at my Remote QTH, which is presented in this page:

- Radios in remote use: Elad FDM-S2, SDRPlay RSP2Pro

- Remotely WAN-operable antenna switching unit MS-S7, inside unit via WLAN to router

- Laptop with Console and Server version 2, SDRPlay Connect, via virtual USB- ports Ergo4 + ILG-database    and Rx_log_Tuner, laptop via WLAN to router

- Router, WAN 4G + Dynamic DNS for managing the changing WAN ip-addresses

- Several clamp on cores everywhere, between antennas and radios an NTi CCMC30 common mode current filter

- all inside equipment grounded to one point before out take to the outside grounding points

- The antennas at the remote QTH:

- (Multi-end-Beverage, 630 m,  single Beverage, 70 m, both are  3 meters above ground level

          and have far end groundings with 800-1000 ohm metal foil resistors, lightning arresters before

          impedance matching,  Ham Goodies longwire multi UnUn's to RG-58, these Beverages were dissembled in June                    2024 due to cutting of the forest trees)

- 40 meters long T2FD-antenna, center 8 meters high, 20 meter long sloping legs, omnidirectional

- 40 meters long modified doubled Double Kaz-antenna

- Everything grounded outside the house to 60 meters of 16 mm2 copper wire in and on the ground + five grounding rods      to a level under  ground frost, antenna wires underground to the outside antenna switch



Former Beverages


Modified Doubled Double KAZ, schematic

Double KAZ front end down

Double KAZ front end up

Double KAZ center point

Double KAZ rear end up

Double KAZ rear end down

Double KAZ noise management devices

Outside Antenna Center

Inside Antenna Center

REMOTE RADIOS and their noise management


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